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Offshore Hustler Review

Report Date: June 1, 2012

We have been Rated one of the Best Fishing Charters on the West coast of Florida for a reason.

One of the most hardest things to do as a Captain is to catch Fish everyday!!! So you better know your stuff!! Anyone can go out and get lucky a day or two but when you do it every day it is a lot harder. Once you have fished your honey holes out, Now where do you go??? So in my case I have to have a lot of them, but even then it is still a challenge to put out big fish day in and day out. As The season's change fishing will change as well and they will move and you better know where they went or your fish box will show it!! I always get ask, Pete how do you find your spot's and the answer is always the same,Time on the water and knowing how to use your equipment is the key to success.

We Thank all of the customer's that have been out with us through the years and all the great reviews you guys have left us. We couldn't do it with out you!! So Thanks Again.

Captain Pete and Staff
Offshore Hustler Fishing Charters
1-800-350-5001 or www.offshorehustler.com


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