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Porgy and Snapper Nearshore – Amberjack and Cobia Offshore

Report Date: February 27, 2013

On the menu for February is jolthead porgy and gray snapper. These are two very tasty fish and you don't have to run out very far to get them - 5-10 miles is good. A depth of 40 to 50 ft. of water has been holding lots of these guy's - with good sizes too. The best bait to use would be squid with light tackle. The same baits also draw the attention of hogfish (pictured below). The hogfish is also highly prized table fare.

If you want to make a little longer ride, this is a great time of year to battle big amberjack that will be plentiful on most offshore wrecks. Best bait would have to be a live blue runner or big pinfish. There are plenty of amberjack, along with other types of jacks, so get plenty of bait before the ride offshore – they won't last long. These guys are lots of fun, but strong and stubborn. That's why they're also known as reef donkeys. So if you're going to spend the day pulling these beasts from the depths, ,ake sure you eat your Wheaties.

Another prize catch that may show up on the area wrecks are cobia. If you've never seen them in the water, they're easily mistaken for sharks. But these are great fighting fish as well as a delicacy on plate. They'll take jigs and live baits, but I like to bring along a few small live crabs specifically for these tasty gamesters.

See you on the water,
Capt. Pete Borrego
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