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2014 Red Grouper season Stays Open for the gulf of mexico.

Report Date: February 3, 2014

Well this winter fishing has been good, but i wish i could say the same about the weather. The good new is Red and scamp grouper season is going remain open for state waters only, that is less then 9 miles out. All grouper are closed beyond 9 miles which is federal waters tile april 1st. Gag will reopen on July 1st and Red snapper June 1st. In February we will only be able to keep Red grouper,scamp,gray snapper,mangrove snapper,porgy,sea bass and amberjack.Cut bait works best for all of these guys except for amberjack they like live bait.being that the water temps are low the fish will be in close in so start around 6 miles and work your way out.once the temps rise up in the mid 70's mackerel will start showing up too.good luck and happy fishing


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